GS Yuasa received the Commendation Award in "the 2022 Internet IR Award" for three consecutive years from 2020, selected by Daiwa Investor Relations Co. Ltd. (Daiwa IR).

The Internet IR Award, based on the concept of "5T&C*", in which companies' investor relations activities on the internet, is the award following an examination and evaluation by Daiwa IR of Japanese IR websites of 3,996 listed companies, and final evaluation of English IR websites of high-ranked companies. Of these, 155 companies (10 receiving the Grand Prize, 12 receiving the Excellence Award, and 133 receiving the Commendation Award) were selected as award recipients for having established particularly excellent IR websites and effectively utilizing them in their information disclosure and communication activities.

Encouraged by this award, we will continue to further enhance our IR website and disclose appropriate information, as well as further strengthen our IR initiatives.
Please kindly check our IR website by the following URL.

*5T&C: Timely, Transparent, Traceable, Trustworthy, Total Communication

For further details, please see Press Release issued by Daiwa IR (in Japanese only)