President's Message

image:Osamu Murao

Based on core technology for efficiently charging and discharging energy, GS Yuasa products are used for a wide variety of applications in society, such as for automotive batteries, industrial batteries, uninterruptible power supply systems, or high performance batteries used for deep sea research and space development.

The fact that GS Yuasa products are used in such a broad range of fields is surely due to constantly offering new value to the world by always paying attention to changing times.
Currently, measures aimed at solving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other global challenges of society are being implemented at an increasingly fast pace. By paying attention to such information, there are still many more applications where GS Yuasa technologies can make a contribution, such as for addressing climate change or building reliable public infrastructure.

In the future as well, based on our commitment to help achieve a global environment and society where people throughout the world can live a more comfortable, safe, and secure life, we will continue to forge ahead as an energy device company that uses energy management technology, not only through innovative "Mono Zukuri" (product creation), but also by going a step further to take on the challenge of innovative "Koto Zukuri"(service creation) as well.


sign:Osamu Murao