President's Message

At GS Yuasa, our corporate philosophy—Innovation and Growth—is the guiding sentiment that inspires our commitment to create new values for the benefit of the world and, in doing so, achieve sustainable growth. Today, when the world itself is united in a quest for sustainability, that philosophy is more relevant than ever.

Our effort to generate new value is informed by the GS Yuasa founding spirit and the wealth of expertise we have amassed over the past century, and impelled by a ceaseless desire for innovation in energy storage and usage technologies.
Our immediate focus is on contributing to carbon neutrality in mobility and public infrastructure, and we are committed to the ongoing creation of solutions that make your living environment more comfortable by securing reliable energy supply.

We aim to use our 100-year track record as a springboard for another century of tireless effort and bold action for the benefit of people, societies, and the global environment. In doing so, we hope to maintain the hard-earned trust and respect of all our stakeholders and the world at large.
On behalf of the whole GS Yuasa team, I hope you will join us on our journey discovery and progress.


sign:Osamu Murao