Sustainability Promotion Framework

Our Sustainability management, in which we seek to contribute to a sustainable society and ensure long-term commerce,
forms an integral part of our aim to realize our corporate philosophy.

GS Yuasa Group's Sustainability

"Innovation and Growth", our corporate philosophy, is the basis of the GS Yuasa Group's Sustainability management. We believe our mission is to create “innovation” through the development of new technologies and the renewal of business processes without the restrictions of old customs. Accordingly, we aim for sustainable “growth” together, by not only expanding profits, but also contributing to people, society, and the global environment. Furthermore, by responding swiftly through our business to global social issues and the needs and expectations of interested parties, we aim to become a company in which society places long-term trust and hopes for us to remain a presence into the future.

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Sustainability Promotion Framework

Our Group has established an organizational framework to promote Sustainability through our business and to make continuous improvements. In order to oversee the sustainability initiatives of the entire Group, the company president has been designated as the chief commanding officer for sustainability promotion, and a meeting body (the Sustainability Promotion Committee) has been established to discuss, formulate, and promote overall sustainability activities. The Committee is chaired by an officer responsible for promoting sustainability throughout the Group (the officer in charge of corporate communications) and comprises of members from heads of major business divisions and Group companies. Important matters (including CSR policies and key Sustainability issues) discussed at CSR Committee meetings are communicated Group-wide following the resolution of the Board of Directors.

Sustainability Promotion Framework

image:CSR Promotion Framework

Sustainability Promotion Process

Our Group aims to enhance corporate value and stakeholder satisfaction by implementing a Sustainability promotion process that is based on our corporate philosophy which reflects the Group’s enduring corporate values.

In order to implement our corporate philosophy, the Group has formulated the Sustainability Management Policy, which determines the future direction for ensuring sustainable corporate value and business continuity. We have also established the CSR Policy, which comprises action guidelines for attaining the Sustainability Management Policy, and we are committed to promoting initiatives to address sustainability issues related to the CSR Policy. Regarding the major areas of CSR policy, we have compiled the CSR Code of Conduct, which clarifies the specific direction of CSR activities, and individual policies clarifying concrete behavioral standards in CSR activities.

To achieve our Sustainability Management Policy, we have implemented medium- to long-term business strategy processes (such as our Mid-Term Management Plan to achieve our Long-Term Vision that takes into consideration sustainability issues). We have formulated plans to ensure the economic growth and sustainability of society and the Group by taking into account the needs and expectations of stakeholders and social, environmental, and economic issues. Performance related to sustainability issues is assessed by the Sustainability Promotion Committee and reviews are conducted as necessary to ensure continuous improvement.

Meanwhile, our CSR Manual, detailing the Group’s CSR Policy, is distributed to each employee to ensure Company-wide promotion of sustainability initiatives. Behavioral standards underpinning the CSR Policy are clarified for employees in Q&A sections and columns covering key topics, along with a checklist for employee self-assessment of behavioral conformity with the CSR Policy. Our CSR manual, translated into local languages (six languages) that local employees can understand, has been distributed to overseas Group companies. The Group is committed to ensuring that all domestic and overseas employees are cognizant of sustainability issues related to our CSR Policy and is making efforts for the promotion of sustainability initiatives through business activities.

Overview of Sustainability Promotion Process

image:Overview of CSR Promotion Process


Sustainability Promotion Activities at Overseas Group Companies

We believe that effective promotion of sustainability initiatives necessitates a sense of ownership of CSR among all employees.

We periodically distribute an e-mail newsletter (the CSR e-mail newsletter) with easy-to-understand explanations of sustainability issues related to the CSR Policy and Group CSR policies. At overseas Group companies, we are committed to raising our employees’ awareness of sustainability through the distribution of the CSR email publications translated into local languages (six languages) which local employees can understand.

In addition, each overseas Group company has established training programs in accordance with the local conditions and provides CSR-related education to their employees.

Examples of CSR training at overseas group companies

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Company name Abbreviated name Country Contents
Century Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd. CYBA Australia Implementing e-learning education on human rights issues (including discrimination, bullying, and sexual harassment) (Confirming the extent of employee comprehension through quiz formats using case studies)
GS Battery Taiwan Co., Ltd. GSTW Taiwan Holding kick-off study sessions for CSR Promotion Initiatives (such as formulating CSR Policy and drawing plans for responding to sustainability issues)
PT. Yuasa Battery Indonesia YBID Indonesia Distribution of the CSR Guidebook with CSR Policy among other things in local languages to all employees
GS Yuasa Asia Technical Center Ltd. GYAT Thailand Regular distribution to all employees of the reader-friendly CSR Newsletter with explanations of CSR and introduction of examples of CSR activities at companies in Thailand

Example image of e-learning education (CYBA)


A look at kick-off study session (GSTW)


CSR Guidebook (YBID)


CSR Newsletter (GYAT)