Our CSR management, in which we seek to contribute to a sustainable society and ensure long-term commerce, forms an integral part of our aim to realize our corporate philosophy.

GS Yuasa Group's CSR

"Innovation and Growth", our corporate philosophy, is the basis of the GS Yuasa Group's CSR. By reforming our business processes and developing new technologies without being bound by convention, we aim to generate innovation and, as a result, drive sustainable growth by expanding earnings and contributing to people, society, and the global environment. This is the basis of our CSR.Furthermore, by responding swiftly through our business to global social issues and the needs and expectations of interested parties, we aim to become a company in which society places long-term trust and hopes for us to remain a presence into the future.

CSR Promotion Framework

Our Group has established an organizational framework to promote CSR through our business and to make continuous improvements. In order to supervise the CSR activities of the entire Group, including related companies both in Japan and overseas, we have designated the company President as the chief commanding officer for the promotion of CSR and set up the post of officer in charge of CSR, who is appointed by and works directly under the president. In addition, the CSR Committee, which is chaired by the officer in charge of CSR and comprises persons responsible for CSR in business divisions, Group companies, etc. as members, discusses, plans, and promotes CSR activities throughout the Group as a whole. As necessary, matters decided by the CSR Committee are reported to or included in the agenda for discussion by the Board of Directors before being reflected in our business strategy.

CSR Promotion Framework

CSR Promotion Framework

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Medium- to Long-Term CSR Promotion Initiatives

As shown in the following table, our Group formulates medium- to long-term CSR promotion plans with the aim of conducting CSR activities through our business. For fiscal 2019, we have set the target of incorporating important CSR themes that take account of global social issues and the needs and expectations of interested parties into our business strategy.

First stageFY 2016-17Create processes to deal with the CSR challenges in relation to our business strategy (Fourth Mid-Term Management Plan)
Second stageFY 2018Analyze and evaluate our performance using these processes and then make improvements
Third stageFY 2019Establish business processes that incorporate CSR challenges into our business strategy (Fifth Mid-Term Management Plan)