Respect for Human Rights

The GS Yuasa Group believes that the rights of all people must be respected in order to realize our philosophy of contributing to people, society and the global environment.

Prohibition of Discrimination and Respect for Diversity

Providing Fair Selection and Opportunity

The GS Yuasa Group promotes fair employee selection, evaluation and training based on ability and performance. We prohibit discrimination in recruitment, personnel assessment and other employee circumstances. Also, we respect diversity irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, nationality, place of birth, disability, religion or political opinion.

Respect for Labor Rights

Creating a Pleasant Workplace through Labor and Management Working as One

The GS Yuasa Group companies in Japan promote a pleasant workplace through labor and management working as one. GS Yuasa International Ltd. has adopted a "union shop system" and as a general rule all regular employees, aside from management, are members of the labor union. Furthermore, we are pursuing business based on mutual understanding achieved through labor union recommendations and active discussion on management policies of the Group companies in Japan, including working conditions and benefit programs for employees. Through this relationship between labor and management, we are securing the objectivity and transparency of company management, while increasing the effectiveness of various initiatives.

Labor-Management Consultative Structure (Domestic Group Companies)

Name of Labor-management
consultative body
Management council4 times/yearCompany's management policies, business conditions and status of business execution, etc.
Divisional committeeMonthlyIssues for the respective R&D and business divisions
Factory committeeMonthlyIssues in production divisions
Health and safety committee (statutory)MonthlyInitiatives to prevent occupational accidents
Expert committee on work hoursMonthlyChecking the status of work hours and making improvements
Expert committee on future generationsTwice/yearChild-rearing and nursing care support

Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor

Basic Rules on Forced Labor and Child Labor

The GS Yuasa Group has established and enforces the basic rules on forced labor and child labor. We build a system to take immediate corrective action upon discovering forced labor or child labor by a supplier.

Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor

We will neither force labor, nor employ children under the legal working age. Furthermore, we will not tolerate forced labor or child labor in any way.

Avoidance of complicity in human rights abuse

Directly or indirectly, we will not be complicit in human rights abuse.

Responses to Laws and Regulations on Modern Slavery and Wage Disparities

The GS Yuasa Group complies with the laws and regulations of every country and region, taking all necessary steps to meet the provisions of the UK's Modern Slavery Act enacted in 2015 and the Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations enacted in 2017 as one of the activities involved in securing the transparency of business.

GS Yuasa Battery Europe Limited (GYEUR), an overseas Group company in the United Kingdom, has released statements on its website regarding these laws and regulations and information on the status of its undertakings. This company will continue to periodically release information in the future.

Click here for relevant information (link the GYEUR website).


Grasping Human Rights Initiatives at Overseas Group Companies

To avoid and alleviate negative effects of business activities on stakeholder human rights, from fiscal 2017 the GS Yuasa Group launched efforts to grasp the status of human rights initiatives at overseas Group companies.

Specifically, our CSR promotion inspectors toured working environments and examined other aspects of overseas Group companies, confirming compliance with the legal systems in nations and regions where business is conducted and making comparisons with international human rights standards.

At certain overseas Group companies, issues have been encountered with internal whistleblower system and other procedures. Plans call for analysis and evaluation of these results to devise countermeasures in line with the cultures and customs of the nations and regions where business is conducted.

Main inspection items

  • Presence of forced labor, child labor, discrimination
  • Work hours and wage management
  • Respect for diversity (employment of persons with disabilities, promoting women’s roles, etc.)
  • Humane treatment (harassment, internal whistleblower system, etc.)
  • Freedom of association
  • Occupational health and safety, health care
  • Comfortable working environments (job turnover, etc.)
  • Human resources development, fair evaluation and personnel treatment systems

Raise Employee Awareness toward Respect for Human Rights

Promoting Human Rights Education

The GS Yuasa Group conducts employee education to implement business activities with respect for human rights.

The following enlightenment and education initiatives help employees to grasp various human rights issues and the importance of business activities keyed to human rights. When necessary, personnel participate in human rights management training sessions, nurturing and expanding knowledge vital in properly recognizing and evaluating human rights risks and their negative effects.

Human rights respect education

  • Worksite training (meetings, discussions) in respect for human rights and avoiding harassment
  • Distribution of booklets and internal e-mail newsletters designed to increase respect for human rights
  • Distribution of our Group CSR policy manuals
  • Human rights risk explanatory meetings targeting overseas site managers

Worksite Training on Respect for Human Rights and Harassment (FY 2019)

CompanyNumber of WorksitesWorksite
Implementation Rate
Average implementation time
GS Yuasa International Ltd.3641001.4
Group companies in Japan1641002.4

Implemented for all GS Yuasa International Ltd. employees