We contribute to local communities through our business activities.

Contributions to the Environment

Stable Supply of Photovoltaic Generation Systems

A photovoltaic generation system using the GS Yuasa Group's lithium-ion batteries has been in operation at the Kushiro Town Toritoushi Wildland Photovoltaic Generation Plant in Hokkaido since April 2017.

When generating photovoltaic power, changes in natural conditions, such as sunshine hours and temperature, can lead to significant fluctuations in the power generated, while a major increase in the photovoltaic power load could reduce the quality of the system's power in terms of both voltage and frequency. For this reason, in Hokkaido, it is necessary to reduce output fluctuations by installing storage battery systems when connecting photovoltaic power generation to power systems. The GS Yuasa Group's lithium-ion battery system was installed at this plant as a key device to reduce power output fluctuations.

The Group continues to promote the use of high-performance lithium-ion battery systems in power generation and is aiming to contribute to creating sustainable local communities using renewable energy.

Industrial lithium-ion battery module LIM50EN series

Industrial lithium-ion battery module LIM50EN series

Overall view of Kushiro Toritoushi Wildland Photovoltaic Generation Plant

Overall view of Kushiro Toritoushi Wildland Photovoltaic Generation Plant

Support for Activities of the Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Foundation

GS Yuasa Battery Ltd. (GYB) is providing support for the Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Foundation as part of initiatives to preserve the environment in the region.

Yakushima, which was placed on the World Heritage List in 1993 for the first time in Japan, is representative of nature in Japan. The Foundation is involved in activities to protect the beautiful natural environment on Yakushima, a heritage for humanity, and the business for creating communities where nature and people can co-exist.

Furthermore, GYB offers a family tour to Yakushima as the prize to the Gold Award winner of the "GS Yuasa Eco Art Contest for Elementary School Students" which has been held from fiscal 2009, and also conducts activities for elementary school students to experience the beauty of nature.

The GS Yuasa Group is promoting contribution to the protection of nature on Yakushima which is called the "Island of Life" and environmental education for children through support for the Foundation.

Rich natural environment on Yakushima

Rich natural environment on Yakushima

(photo courtesy of the Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation)

Contributions to Human Resource Development

GS Yuasa Eco Art Contest for Elementary School Students

Since FY 2009, GS Yuasa Battery Ltd. has sponsored the GS Yuasa Eco Art Contest for Elementary School students to give the pupils, who will become the young citizens in the future, an opportunity to express their thoughts on the global environment.

This contest program provides the opportunity for children and their families to come together and think about the environment. We plan to continue holding this event in the future in the form of a painting.

Holding an out-of-school class for elementary school students in the region

The Kyoto Plant, one of our Group companies, held an out-of-school class for children attending the elementary school in the neighborhood in September 2017.

The Plant has continued daily interactions with that school through supporting children on the routes to school, and this is the fourth time for it to hold the out-of-school class.

Under the topic "Let's study the region," attendants learned about our businesses by visiting a showroom within the Plant and through a Q&A session. At the showroom, children took notes with great enthusiasm while listening to explanations and showed an interest in our products. And at the Q&A session conducted at the end of the class, many students actively asked questions, showing a great interest in our business activities.

The GS Yuasa Group will continue to value a relationship with the local communities through these activities.

Support for Shiki Theatre Company's "Kokoro no Gekijo (Theatre of the Heart)"

The GS Yuasa Group supports some of the twelve performances in Kyoto Prefecture of “Kokoro no Gekijo” (Theatre of the Heart), sponsored by the Shiki Theatre Company and Performing Arts Centre Foundation. “Kokoro no Gekijo” uses the stage to communicate to children such important life lessons as the value of life, consideration of others, and the joy of trusting each other. Children across Japan are invited to the performances in school groups, free of charge.

In September 2018, the Shiki Theatre gave eight performances (morning and afternoon over four days) of its original musical, “Majorin - Who Gave up Her Magic”. The shows were enjoyed by large numbers of children from around the city of Kyoto. Eight employees of the GS Yuasa Group assisted as volunteers in four of the performances over two days, helping out at reception and showing the audience to their seats.

Through our continued support of Shiki Theatre Company’s “Kokoro no Gekijo,” we will continue to support activities that deliver valuable, unchanging lessons to children who will be leaders of the future.


Shiki Theatre Company's family musical “Majorin - Who Gave up Her Magic” (Photograph: Takeshi Arai)


Volunteers assisting with the production

Contributions to Society

Development of high-accuracy location-positioning services

Space-use lithium-ion batteries manufactured by the GS Yuasa Group were installed in the quasi-zenith satellite system "Michibiki 2" launched by the Tanegashima Space Center in June 2017.

"Michibiki" is Japan's satellite positioning system (a system under which positioning information is calculated based on a radio wave from the satellite) mainly composed of quasi-zenith orbit satellites.

By combining this quasi-zenith satellite with the GPS satellite, stable and high-accuracy location-positioning services can be provided even in mountainous areas or streets of big business buildings in urban areas, paving the way for a wide range of applications such as an automatic driving system for automobiles that is expected to be put into practical use and the detection of earthquake or volcanic activity.

The GS Yuasa Group will continue to contribute to development of high-accuracy location-positioning services as a new social infrastructure indispensable for Japan's economic activities, through development and manufacturing of high-performance lithium-ion batteries.

Traffic safety for children on the routes to school

GS Yuasa International Ltd. received the award "Promotion for future Kyoto town planning" by the Kyoto City in October 2017.

This award, given by Kyoto City, is designed to honor individuals or organizations who have conducted activities to achieve a safe and healthy life for all generations with the aim of creating an attractive future Kyoto.

The Kyoto Plant, one of our Group companies, has conducted activities to support elementary school students on the routes to school for a long period of time. We keep traffic by vehicles used for our operations down on the routes to school when children are on the way to and from school, and at the same time we have carried out activities to prevent traffic accidents by protecting and guiding children on the street. As a result, the Kyoto Plant received the award.

The GS Yuasa Group will continue to promote activities contributing to a safe and healthy life in local communities.

Activities contributing to local communities at our production sites in Thailand

At our Group's production sites in Thailand, we are promoting activities to contribute to local communities as a company with a good relationship with local communities.

GS Yuasa Siam Industry Ltd. (GYSI) has been involved in activities focusing on interactions with local communities, such as cleaning of and donations to nearby elementary schools and temples, management of an ice cream shop for the event on Children's Day held on the second Saturday in January, offering fluorescent lights that were replaced by LED to elementary schools, holding a plant tour for students, and co-sponsoring a marathon in the industrial park. These activities have been highly rated by the Thai government, and GYSI had received the CSR-DIW Award* three years in a row from fiscal 2016.

Siam GS Battery Co. Ltd. (SGS) has installed signboards to prevent traffic accidents at a high-frequency accident location in the vicinity of the company, i.e., on the road with heavy car traffic located in front of the office. As a company engaged in the automobile industry, we are conducting activities to contain an increase in the number of traffic accidents resulting from the popularization of the automobile, as much as possible.

At production sites of the GY Yuasa Group in Thailand, we are promoting interaction with local communities through providing education to local residents and securing safety, rather than merely offering a donation or volunteer activities.

*The CSR-DIW Award is given by the Department of Industrial Works (DIW) in Thailand to companies that promote exceptional business activities that contribute to sustainable development and the local community.

Plaque for the CSR-DIW Award

Plaque for the CSR-DIW Award(GYSI)

GYSI factory tour for local junior high students)

Plant tour for local junior high school students (GYSI)

Signboard for preventing traffic accidents (SGS)

Signboard for preventing traffic accidents (SGS)