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Technical Report

GS Yuasa Technical Report was established on December 24, 2004
as a technical journal to introduce the latest technological developments achieved by GS Yuasa.
GS Yuasa Technical Report is a collection of technology papers released twice annually in PDF format.

The latest volumeVol.20 No.2

ISSN 1349-7618

Last Updated : December 25, 2023

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Back volumes are listed for GS Yuasa Technical Report, Yuasa Jiho Technical Review, and GS News Technical Report.

GS Yuasa Technical Report Editorial Office

R & D Center, GS Yuasa International Ltd.

1 Inobanba-cho, Nishinosho, Kisshoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8520, Japan

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Making History

From the beginning, the GS Yuasa Group has played a role in pioneering and expanding products that address society's needs through its development of various technologies. Here we provide a glimpse of our technical developments: the countless technologies harnessed in a single product; the small advances from our everyday activities; and the significant advances produced from our longtime development experience.

The latest volumeVol.30 Anomaly Detection and Factor Estimation for Storage Battery Installations

Developing Technologies for Operation and Maintenance Service

Last Updated : December 25, 2023

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Image:Making History

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