G S  Y U A S A P r o g r e s s i n g  S t o r y


Many is the time that
a new GS Yuasa technology
has made life easier.


you’d never spot us resting on our laurels.
We were always off in pursuit of the next challenge.
The way we see it, achievements like those are milestones to pass,
not destinations to stop at.

That’s why we’re always moving, always developing,
always progressing.

Soon, our quest

Day after day,
we have delivered new values.

Through mass motorization,
the rise of the mobile phone,

and the emergence of electric vehicles…

We have always been

underpins the global search for new ways to harness energy.

Now more than ever,
our battery solutions have

Join us on our journey

At GS Yuasa, our quest for progress never ends.

Battery technology is contributing
to renewable energy infrastructures and mobility solutions,
and will soon be a core component of our daily lives.

When that day comes, you won’t see us resting on our laurels.
We’ll already be off in pursuit of the next challenge.

This is our promise for the future:
We will always use our technologies for happier people,
safer communities, and a cleaner Earth.