GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674; “GS Yuasa”) today announced the launch of its LIM30HL series of industrial lithium-ion battery modules.

The battery modules in the LIM30HL series, while retaining the same dimensions as those of the existing LIM25H series, are upwardly compatible and feature a higher rated capacity and lower internal resistance.

With regard to life performance, the LIM30HL series boasts the same superior charge/discharge performance as existing products. The series can provide excellent performance in the electric drive units of large industrial vehicles, such as hybrid vehicles with regenerative charging and power-assist functions, demand for which is increasing as emission control regulations are introduced around the world. The series will also contribute to the development of social infrastructure including disaster prevention facilities, while also contributing to reductions in the energy used by industrial equipment and machinery such as automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), port cranes, and railway rolling stock.

The new battery modules are equipped with communications functions similar to those of existing products, and these functions are compatible with existing GS Yuasa storage battery management systems.

GS Yuasa will continue to create highly reliable high-quality products and services and contribute to humanity, society, and the global environment by leveraging the storage battery technologies it has nurtured and developed to flexibly respond to increasingly rapidly changing market demands.


1. Long life (at 25°C)
Long cycle life*1 and float life*2 performance.
Cycle life*1: 30,000 charge/discharge cycles (capacity retention rate of more than 70%)
Float life*2: 15 years (capacity retention rate of more than 75%)

2. Increased rated capacity, reduced internal resistance
Rated capacity of 30Ah with industry-leading 600A charge/discharge performance.
Capacity: 30Ah (0.2C)
Maximum charging current: 600A (20C)
Maximum discharge current: 600A (20C)

3. Significant increase in dischargeable capacity in backup applications with new design facilitating float use
Dischargeable capacity significantly increased for short-term backup applications assuming float use.

*1 Cycle life refers to the expected life of storage batteries that are frequently charged and discharged on a repeated basis such as those used to power vehicles.
*2 Float life refers to the expected life of storage batteries that are kept on standby fully charged at all times such as those used to provide emergency power supplies.

Product profile

Module product nameLIM30HL-8LIM30HL-12
Number of cells 8 12
Rated capacity (Ah) 30*3
Nominal voltage (V) 28.8*3 43.2*3
Maximum charging/discharging currents (A) Charging: 600 (20C), discharging: 600 (20C)
Operating temperature limits (°C) Charging*4: -10 to 45, discharging: -20 to 45
Mass (kg) 17.5 27.0
External dimensions (mm)
W219×L440×H128 W219×L617×H128
*3 When discharging at 0.2C.
*4 Charging current needs to be controlled depending on the module temperature.

■LIM30HL series industrial lithium-ion battery module (LIM30HL-12)