GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674; “GS Yuasa”) announced that it delivered the E3 Solution System, a regenerative power storage system with an output of 1,000kW, to West Japan Railway Company (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 9021; “West Japan Railway”). The system is a single unit made up of a converter and lithium-ion batteries and can charge and discharge a maximum power of 1,000kW.

E3 Solution System was installed at Yasu track sectioning cabin of the Tokaido Main Line (Biwako Line) and its operation began on March 5. The system stores the regenerative electric power generated during deceleration of the train in the lithium-ion batteries via the converter and supplies electric power from the lithium-ion batteries when the train is running.

It enables effective utilization of electric power as well as reduction of environmental burden. Moreover, the system also helps in stabilizing the overhead wire voltage and contributes to stable operation of the train.

GS Yuasa’s industrial-use lithium-ion batteries are already being used in special application such as aircraft and space vehicles in addition to automatic guided vehicles and power storage systems. Going forward, GS Yuasa Group will continue to expand applications of industrial-use lithium-ion batteries in the global market and contribute to an energy-saving society.

【Specifications of E3 Solution System】

Rated capacity (kW) 1,000 1,000kW×1 unit
Maximum charging/discharging current (A) 660 Overhead contact line DC 1,500V
Module name LIM25H-8 8-cell module
Number of storage batteries (cells) 832 26 modules connected in series/ 4 connected in parallel

■Regenerative power storage system E3 Solution System, exterior view