GS Yuasa received “Silver prize” among all listed companies on BroadBand Security, Inc. Gomez Consulting Dept.'s "Gomez IR Site Ranking 2021" for the second consecutive year.

"Gomez IR Site Ranking 2021" is the survey for evaluating usability or information adequacy of all Japanese listed companies' IR websites. BroadBand Security, Inc. decides the ranking based on evaluation from own analysts, and survey categories made from four perspectives by investors of “Ease of use”, “Financial information enhancement”, “Corporate and management information enhancement” and “Aggressive and advanced information disclosure”.

This year, 305 companies are selected as award recipients (24 receiving “Gold prize”, 126 receiving “Silver prize”, and 155 receiving “Bronze prize”) among 3,745 all listed companies. GS Yuasa got high evaluation in “Ease of use” and “Financial information enhancement” categories and received 40th rank, higher than 137th rank in FY2020.

We will pursue the further enhancement of our website for stakeholders and appropriate information disclosure. Furthermore, we will work for IR initiatives better.
Please kindly check our IR website by the following URL.

For further details, please see Press Release issued by BroadBand Security, Inc. (Japanese)