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Won a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit in China

April 29th, 2020

Thank you for your continued support of GS YUASA products.

We, GS Yuasa Corporation and our subsidiary, Tianjin GS Battery Co., Ltd., have filed a complaint against Shandong Jiuli Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Wu Maolin, GS Townson (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, Chongqing Wanli New Energy Co., Ltd. The lawsuit was filed in June 17th, 2019 in Fujian Province High People’s Court, China. We have claimed that defendants were infringing our registered trademarks ”GS”(Chinese registration No.507630 and others). Defendants were also manufacturing and selling lead-acid batteries bearing “G・S” mark (pictured below). We have been fighting against defendants in court to stop defendants’ infringing activities and pay damages to us.

In January 22nd, 2020, court has accepted our claim and ordered defendants to stop manufacturing/selling their infringing products, change their company names, and pay 3,230,000 yuan to plaintiffs.

GS and YUASA, which are our important brands, are our intellectual properties. GS YUASA will take every possible legal enforcement to protect our brands and our customers.

1.The infringing battery and our genuine battery.

Infringing Battery

image:Infringing Battery

Genuine Battery

image:Genuine Battery

2.The list of trademarks we hold in China.

Our Registered Trademark1
(Chinese registration No.507630)

image:Our Registered Trademark1

Our Registered Trademark2
(Chinese registration No.99890)

image:Our Registered Trademark2

Our Registered Trademark3
(Chinese registration No.9218078)

image:Our Registered Trademark3

Our Registered Trademark4
(Chinese registration No.4672866)

image:Our Registered Trademark4

Sincerely Yours,
GS Yuasa Corporation
Tianjin GS Battery Co., Ltd.