GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674) today announced that India-based Tata AutoComp GY Batteries Private Ltd. (“TGY”), an equity-method affiliate of subsidiary GS Yuasa International Ltd. (“GS Yuasa”), aims to double its annual production capacity for motorcycle lead-acid batteries to 8.4 million units.

TGY, which was established in October 2005 , is aiming to expand its market share in India, Asia’s largest motorcycle-producing country. TGY launched production in a newly added wing at its plant in 2021 and plans to begin full-fledged mass production with the addition of a further new production line in 2022. TGY plans to continue expanding production capacity and establish a production system capable of producing 8.4 million lead-acid motorcycle batteries per year, double its pre-expansion capacity of 4.2 million units. The plant expansion will also enable the company to expand the range of battery models it manufactures.

In addition, TGY will strengthen its production of automotive lead-acid batteries, with focus on high-performance lead-acid batteries for environment-friendly vehicles, such as start & stop vehicles, demand for which is expected to continue growing in the years ahead.

To meet expanding demand, GS Yuasa will continue working to enhance its supply chain and its ability to meet the diverse range of needs in India.

TGY Profile

1. Company nameTata AutoComp GY Batteries Private Ltd.
2. LocationPune, Maharashtra State, India
3. EstablishedOctober 2005
4. Shareholders and ownership ratiosGS Yuasa International Ltd. 50%
Tata AutoComp Systems Ltd. 50%
5. BusinessProduction and sales of lead-acid batteries for automobiles and motorcycles

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