GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674; “GS Yuasa”) today announced the launch of its JRB2200 LED street light series. The series was created with focus on conserving energy and resources and reducing costs.

The JRB2200 series has numerous features such as replaceable light source units and power units, angle adjustability, pole clamps that facilitate use on multiple pole types, and IoT extensibility. The lights in the series meet public standards for street lighting equipment installation*¹ and guidelines on LED street lighting*².

With the increasingly widespread use of LED lights in recent years, replacement of conventional mercury-vapor and sodium-vapor street lighting with LED street lighting is progressing rapidly. Many LED lighting products, however, appear to be designed without consideration given to future replacement of light source units, meaning entire light housings will likely also need to be disposed of.

The products in the new JRB2200 series were developed with common light source units and power supply circuits*³ and since they are replaceable, specific parts can be replaced as required in the future, which not only enhances economic performance, but also facilitates more effective utilization of resources and reduction in CO2 emissions resulting from unnecessary waste.

The ability to switch out light source units also makes it possible to make changes to illumination intensity or color temperature in response to changes in the local environs.

GS Yuasa has already launched an LED lamp for street lighting called LEGA:LAMP-R, which can be used to replace conventional street light lamps without replacing the housings. The product has been receiving praise from various quarters, and is rated highly for its superior economic performance and environment-friendliness. The LEGA:LAMP-R won a prize at the Energy Conservation Grand Prize event in 2019, and was also selected as a “promising technology” following a public appeal for new technologies related to street lighting by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

GS Yuasa will continue to pursue product development with a focus on conserving energy and resources and reducing costs in order to contribute to the realization of a circular economy.

*1 Commentary on standards for street lighting equipment installation (October 2007, Japan Road Association)

*2 Draft guidelines for street and tunnel LED lighting installation (March 2015, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

*3 Except lights with 128VA/16,500lm specifications


1. Use of common light source units and power supply circuits allows replacement of specific parts

2. Pole clamps that can be used on multiple pole types with diameters of 34mm, 48.6mm, or 60.5mm

3. Switchable between arm-type poles and straight poles

4. Angle adjustability (straight poles: 0º to 20º, arm-type poles: -10º to 10º)

5. Space for housing IoT communication equipment for future smart street lighting

6. Built-in illumination intensity sensors (except lights with 16,500lm specification)

Product lineup

Equipment model numberCompatible
Kendenkyo format
Luminous flux
Input (100V/200V)
JRB2210GA-R150KCE120/140/15016,500lm - /128.0VA

■JRB2200 series LED street light