GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674; “GS Yuasa”) announced that it launched renewed uninterruptable power supply BACSTAR-LIM series equipped with industrial-use lithium-ion batteries.

The new products are equipped with LIM50EN series industrial-use lithium-ion batteries, having higher performance compared with the LIM50E series used in the previous products, and the change optimized the control system, enabled reduced size and weight of batteries and improved cost performance.
With these changes, the BACSTAR-LIM series has become the optimum product not only for customers who have limited floor load and space for installation but also for those who need high value-added products.

GS Yuasa will continue to contribute to customers’ power backup requirements by enhancing the product lineup of uninterruptable power supply equipment led by the BACSTAR-LIM series.


1. Reduced floor load and space required for installation
High energy industrial-use lithium-ion batteries enabled significant reduction in weight and space required for installation compared with the system using lead-acid storage batteries.

2. Simplified maintenance
The series allows centralized management of information such as voltage, temperature and discharge amount of the industrial-use lithium-ion batteries and various alarms on a cell module basis, which reduces the burden of measurement during regular inspections.

3. Installed with storage batteries when shipped from the plant
Leveraging the features of small and light weight industrial-use lithium-ion batteries, the BACSTAR-LIM series products are shipped with the storage batteries installed. It makes the work at the installation site easier and shortens the work process.

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1. Requirement table of the uninterrupted power supply equipment*1

Rated output capacitykVA30405075100150200
AC inputPhase3 phases, 3 lines
Voltage (V)200 or 210±10%
AC outputPhase
(Single phase output)
Single phase, 2 lines
(3 phase output)
3 phases, 3 lines
Voltage (V)200 or 210
Usage environmentOperating temperature (℃)-10 to 40
Humidity (%)25 to 85 (no condensation)
Altitude (m)Altitude of 1000 or below
Installation environmentIndoor with limited harmful gas, salt and dust
*1 Please contact GS Yuasa regarding capacity range of 20kVA and below.

2. Industrial-use lithium-ion batteries

Module nameLIM50EN-12
Number of modules per bank8 modules
Storage battery capacity (kWh) per bank16.8


■1. The BACSTAR-LIM Series and storage battery cabinet

■2. Industrial-use lithium-ion battery LIM50EN series (12 cell module)