GS Yuasa Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6674; “GS Yuasa”) announced that the company’s EN Standard (European unified standard) compliant lead-acid storage battery LN1 was adopted as the lead-acid auxiliary battery for the new fourth-generation Prius launched on December 9, 2015 by Toyota Motor Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 7203).

EN Standard is set for Europe’s cold weather and they tend to attach importance to Cold Cranking Ampere*1 (CCA) in lead-acid storage battery performance. This means it is necessary to modify the product for use in Japan given the impact of global warming. GS Yuasa developed LN1 as an EN-compliant lead-acid storage battery adapted to the Japanese climate and natural features and satisfies JIS safety standards.

The fourth generation Prius has undergone various modifications such as a lowered center of gravity for improved driving performance. The EN-compliant lead-acid storage batteries are lower than conventional JIS-compliant lead-acid batteries and GS Yuasa believes that they can be used in vehicles with low vehicle height.

The EN-compliant lead-acid storage batteries employ GS Yuasa’s technology that combines the safety and performance qualities the company built up while developing JIS-compliant lead-acid storage batteries. The company’s LN0 batteries are used in Sienta HV launched in 2015 while LN2 batteries are used in Alphard HV and Vellfire HV. GS Yuasa plans to enhance the product lineup of such batteries taking into account the anticipated replacement demand for EN-compliant lead-acid storage batteries in Japan.

GS Yuasa is manufacturing EN-compliant lead-acid storage batteries not only in Japan but also overseas in a bid to respond to requirements of customers around the world.

*1. Scale showing the starting performance at low temperatures.

[Features of GS Yuasa’s EN-compliant lead-acid storage battery]

1. It ensures sufficient electrolyte quantity and has maintenance requirements as low as JIS type products

2. The new grid design of electrodes realizes weight saving while retaining the performance, contributing to improve fuel efficiency of a vehicle.

3. Central degassing type*2 product employs a double lid with cell plugs for pouring water, making it even more convenient for maintenance.

*2 LN1 is not bulk exhaust-type.

Specifications of EN-compliant lead-acid storage battery
Product name LN0 LN1 LN2
Nominal voltage (V) 12 12 12
20 hour rating capacity (Ah) 35 45 51
Maximum external dimensions (mm) W175×D175×H190 W207×D175×H190 W242×D175×H190
Weight (approx. kg) 10.0 11.5 14.0

■New Prius by Toyota Motor

■EN-compliant lead-acid storage batteries (from left, LN2, LN1 and LN0)