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Cancellation of the GS GARUDA SAKTI Trademarks in Indonesia

February 14, 2019

Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for your support of our GS batteries.

We are pleased to report that we have reached a settlement with PT GS Garuda Sakti in Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as "Garuda Sakti company") regarding further registration and use of mark that is similar to our well-known GS trademark.


In 2003, the mark GS GARUDA SAKTI was registered in various forms as trademarks in Indonesia and used for batteries for automobiles and motorcycles.

As the trademarks were similar and confuses customers, our company filed a lawsuit in the Jakarta Commercial Court, and demanded the cancellation of the trademark rights.
In September 2016, Indonesian Supreme Court held that the GS GARUDA SAKTI marks were similar to our company’s well-known GS mark, and should be cancelled. In response to this decision, the Director General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia Ministry of Justice officially cancelled the GS GARUDA SAKTI trademarks.

Content of settlement

In response to the cancellation of the GS GARUDA SAKTI trademark rights, our company started negotiating with Garuda Sakti company and its stakeholders and reached an agreement agreed in July 2018. The main contents of this agreement are as follows.

  1. Garuda Sakti company and its stakeholders will not sell similar GS batteries in the market in the future.
  2. Garuda Sakti company and its stakeholders will withdraw and not file for any trademark applications that are similar to GS Yuasa’s well-known GS trademark .

Customers and alert

If the batteries of GS Garuda Sakti are newly sold in the market, please note that these are products that do not have trademark rights and infringe GS Yuasa’s wellknown GS trademark. It would be an offense under the Trademarks Law to knowingly trade in products that infringe trademark rights.

As such, we hope that Customers purchase GS batteries from the authorized dealerships.

We will continue to protect and enforce our company’s valuable intellectual property rights and take action against any counterfeit batteries and similar products around the world including Indonesia.

Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to your continued support in 2019.

image:Garuda Sakti Battery

Garuda Sakti Battery

Sincerely Yours,
GS Yuasa Corporation