Important Announcement regarding Products

Counterfeit YUASA Batteries, UXL Series in Hong Kong Market

November 9th, 2015

To whom it may concern

We would like to draw your attention to a case in which a sizable quantity of counterfeit YUASA valve regulated lead-acid batteries, UXL series are installed in a critical power backup site in Hong Kong.

GS Yuasa has exhausted much effort within its reach to extensively investigate this case. A company located and trading in Hong Kong has been identified as involving in the said counterfeit YUASA batteries.

GS Yuasa policy in this investigation is solemn and firm: Neither our own group companies / factories nor distributors, and/or any person shall be tolerated for engaging in infringing our property rights by selling counterfeit product to anyone in the market and thereby expose any user of the counterfeit product bearing our brand-names to any kind of risks and damages.

Our lawyer has already acted on our behalf to acquire crucial evidences from different concerned parties.
Our resolve right from the start has not changed which is to pursue the justice and recover our losses caused by the party(ies) who committed such crime.

Please be informed that all genuine products bearing ‘GS’, ‘GS YUASA’ or ‘YUASA’ brand are only distributed by our authorized sales distributor in each market. Infinitier Company Ltd. is our authorized sales distributor and service provider in Hong Kong and Macau and it is fully supported by GS Yuasa International Ltd. from Japan. If any GS YUASA product is supplied by channels other than our authorized sales distributor, the product is deemed to be questionable for its genuineness and no product warranty will be entertained at any time. We shall also not be liable for any product safety or quality issue arisen from using product bearing our brands but supplied by unauthorized channels.

Should there be any question, please contact us or our authorized sales distributor.

Sincerely Yours,
GS Yuasa Corporation