Solving societal issues with batteries.

GS Yuasa contributes toward the construction of a sustainable society through seeking the new ways of energy and storage technology for creating new value in the future.

Preserving Abundant Green for the future

Development of optimized batteries for eco-friendly vehicles.
GS Yuasa is helping with the shift to
electrical and eco-friendly vehicles.

We are advancing with efforts toward carbon neutrality in the EU, US, China, and other countries around the world, as well as within Japan. With these efforts we are also working to accelerate the adoption of hybrid and electrical vehicles in order to reduce CO2 emissions in the automotive industry. Furthermore, we are progressing with efforts to reduce environmental impact from petrol cars by boosting fuel efficiency.

GS Yuasa products support this shift to eco-friendly vehicles. We promote the adoption of hybrid and electrical vehicles with drive force lithium-ion batteries. We are also aiding in the evolution of cars through high value-added lead-acid batteries for eco-friendly vehicle starter systems and vehicles with start-stop systems. These initiatives contribute toward the creation of a sustainable society through the development and supply of products with higher performance and quality, suited to the global need for eco-friendly vehicles.

Primary Products

See here for lithium-ion batteries for EVs, PHEVs, and HEVs, as well as automotive high-performance lead-acid batteries.

Using Renewable Energies More Effectively

efficient battery usage for natural energy.
GS Yuasa works to expand and popularize renewable energies,
such as solar and wind power.

Global energy demand is growing with population increases and economic development. Nations worldwide demand expanded use of renewable energies, such as solar and wind power, in place of limited fossil fuels, like coal and oil. Japan is placing adoption of renewable energies as a primary power source as a top priority, in aims of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Renewable energies are expected to make up more than 50% of annual power generation.

And a system that utilizes that energy efficiently and eliminates waste is vital to expanding use of these energies. GS Yuasa resolves this issue through technology. We help create stable energy supplies by modulating fluctuations in power output using a system that incorporates storage batteries. In the future, GS Yuasa will continue to create innovative products with the expertise we have cultivated in storage technologies, and to work toward solutions to global social issues.

Primary Products

See here for systems and batteries that enable effective use of renewable energies.

Sustaining the Movement of Society

Batteries, for the safety and security of all society.
At GS Yuasa, we help build a more resilient society
in the face of disasters through energy backups for infrastructure.

Japan has always been subject to frequent national disasters, but the scale of these disasters is growing. In the modern era, society cannot function without a supply of electricity. The importance of energy backups in the event of disasters is rising.

GS Yuasa energy backup batteries and power supply systems safeguard society’s power and communication foundations against disaster, and help ensure business continuity in rail, office, and factory settings.Furthermore, GS Yuasa products are also in use as backups for the devices used at the front line of disaster prevention, such as marine and river observation systems. Going forward, GS Yuasa will continue to work to build a safer, more secure, and sustainable society by addressing backup power supply needs as they continue to rise all over the world.

Primary Products

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