Our CSR management, in which we seek to contribute to a sustainable society and ensure long-term commerce, forms an integral part of our aim to realize our corporate philosophy.

GS Yuasa Group's CSR

"Innovation and Growth," our corporate philosophy, is the basis of the GS Yuasa Group's CSR. By reforming our business processes and by developing new technologies that go beyond a traditional approach, we aim to generate innovation, and as a result, drive growth by expanding earnings and contributing to people, society and the global environment. This is the basis of our CSR. Further, we aim to be a company that earns the long-term trust of society and becomes one that society wants to stay operating into the future and that responds quickly, via our main business, to worldwide social issues as well as the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

Initiatives for the Fiscal 2017

Over the years, we have acted based on an awareness of our social responsibility in line with corporate rules such as our Corporate Ethical Behavior Guidelines. Given the expectations of the international community for companies, however, the GS Yuasa Group in Japan has started to undertake global CSR initiatives. We created a CSR Promotion Framework led by the CSR Committee, which was established through participation of members from respective divisions in November 2016. Then, in May 2017 we formulated a CSR Policy and Code of Conduct as the foundations for our CSR activities and disseminated these internally. In response to our CSR issues, we identified key CSR challenges in relation to the Mid-Term Management Plan.

During this fiscal year, we will formulate an action plan and KPIs (key performance indicators) for these important challenges and will make improvements by running a PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle. In addition, we intend to write CSR procurement guidelines for the Group's supply chain and promote sustainable purchasing.

CSR Promotion Framework

CSR Promotion Framework

Medium- to Long-Term Initiatives

The GS Yuasa Group is planning medium- to long-term CSR initiatives as follows and has set targets for fiscal 2019 that incorporate these CSR challenges into the business strategy.

First stageFY 2016-2017Create processes to deal with the CSR challenges in relation to our business strategy (Fourth Mid-Term Management Plan)
Second stageFY 2018Analyze and evaluate our performance using these processes and then make improvements
Third stageFY 2019Establish business processes that incorporate CSR challenges into our business strategy (Fifth Mid-Term Management Plan)