Innovation and Growth

We are committed to people, society and the global environment through innovation and growth of our employees and business entities.

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Management Vision

We are committed to delivering security and comfort to our customers around the globe through advanced technologies developed in the field of stored energy solutions.

Management policy

1. GS Yuasa will become “First call”company based on our “Customer First”policy.

2. GS Yuasa considers “Quality” and“Safety” as most important, and supply environmentally considered product all over the world.

3. GS Yuasa will comply with all laws and operate by clear and fair management.

Quality Policy

GS YUASA is committed to a diligent study of ‘Monozukuri’, customer first thinking and the improvement of products and service for the realization of our Corporate Philosophy.

*‘Monozukuri’: Meaning ‘manufacturing’ is not just pointing to ‘craftsmanship’ in the narrow sense.

It is “the overall process of the corporation, the industry and the on-site activity, implementing the designers’ determination into the products and the services for customer satisfaction, corporate profit and job security.”