History of GS YUASA

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  1. 1895Genzo Shimadzu manufacturers Japan's first lead-acid storage battery
  2. 1908First use of the "GS" trademark
  3. 1912Storage battery plant (Shin-machi,lmadegawa) built
  4. 1917Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd. Established
    2 EVs of "DETROIT" model imported from U.S.A.
  5. 1919Production of automotive batteries begins
  6. 1920Genzo Shimadzu invents "reactive lead oxides production method"
  7. 1929Enpun Toryo Co., Ltd. (now known as Dai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd.) established
  8. 1933Production of glass mercury rectifiers begins
  9. 1937Nippon Yusoki Co., Ltd. established
  10. 1938Production of alkaline batteries begins
  11. 1940Ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps developed
  12. 1943Plant completed at Nishioji in Kyoto
  13. 1958Japan Storage Battery building completed (Tokyo office)
  14. 1965Fujisawa plant completed
  15. 1966Siam GS Battery established
  16. 1972P.T. GS Battery established
  17. 1977GS Battery (U.S.A.) Inc, established
  18. 1980Gunma plant completed
  19. 1986GS-Saft established, Ni-Cd battery manufacturing and sales subsidiary Capital participation in Ztong Yee Industrial Co., Ltd. (in Taiwan)
  20. 1987CI introduced; corporate philosophy and management principles formulated
  21. 1989GS-EE established, mini-UPS manufacturing and sales subsidiary
  22. 1991Tianjin Tong Yee Industrial Co., Ltd. established
  23. 1993Prismatic Lithium-ion batteries developed
  24. 1995Shandong Huari Battery Co., Ltd established, industrial battery manufacturing and sales affiliate in China
  25. 1997GS-Melcotec Co., Ltd. established, lithium-ion battery manufacturing and sales subsidiary (SANYO GS Soft Energy Co., Ltd. at present) Beijing Ri Jia Power Supply, Co., Ltd. established, the first overseas industrial power supply system manufacturing and sales affiliate in China
    GS Battery Vietnam Co., Ltd. established
  26. 2002GS Battery (China) Co., Ltd. Established, traction battery manufacturing and sales affiliate in China
  1. 1913Founder Shichizaemon Yuasa begins research into metal electrolysis
  2. 1915Yuasa Battery Manufacturing established within the Yuasa Iron Works in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture; production starts on storage batteries
  3. 1918Yuasa Storage Battery Co., Ltd. Established
  4. 1919New plant completed in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture
  5. 1920Production starts on automotive batteries. Tudor plating for stationary batteries completed
  6. 1924Research into dry batteries started. Production and sales start the following year
  7. 1930Battery installed for the first domestic electric bus (model YKN)
  8. 1935Production of glass mercury rectifiers begins
  9. 1939New plant for Takatsuki Dry Battery completed
  10. 1941New plant completed for Odawara Storage Battery. Production of alkaline batteries begins
  11. 1949Yuasa Dry Battery splits off to become an independent company, based on restructuring plan
  12. 1954Yuasa Storage Battery Co., Ltd. and Yuasa Dry Battery Co., Ltd. merge to form Yuasa Battery Co., Ltd.
  13. 1963Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Pub. Co., Ltd. established
  14. 1965Yuasa Battery, Inc (U.S.A.) established (Yuasa Battery, Inc. at present)
  15. 1966Dry and charged battery goes on sale in Japan for the first time Taiwan Yuasa Battery Co.,Ltd. established
  16. 1972High performance YUMICRON batteries made with the ultra-thin YUMICRON separator go on sale
  17. 1973Kyoto Osadano plant completed
  18. 1975Yuasa Battery (Indonesia) established (PT. Yuasa Battery Indonesia at present)
  19. 1981Yuasa Battery (U.K.) Ltd. established
  20. 1988Century Yuasa Batteries Pty. Ltd. established in Australia
  21. 1992CI introduced; company name changed from "Yuasa Battery Co., Ltd." to "Yuasa Corporation"
  22. 1993Tianjin Yuasa Batteries Co., Ltd. established,
    motorcycle battery manufacturing and sales affiliate in China.
  23. 1996Guangdong Yuasa Sunny Batteries established, industrial battery manufacturing and sales affiliate in China (Yuasa Battery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. at present)
  24. 1997Yuasa-Delta Technology Inc. established, overseas capital participation in Ni-MH battery business {Yuasa (Tianjin) Technology Ltd. as a manufacturing and sales affiliate at present)
  25. 1998Ultra-thin lithium-ion polymer secondary battery launched
  26. 2002Yuasa Battery (Shunde) Co., Ltd. established automotive battery manufacturing and sales affiliate in China
    Membrane business company Yuasa Membrane Systems Co., Ltd. Established
    Management company in Europe: Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd. established

2004 GS Yuasa Corporation established

  1. 2004GS Yuasa Corporation established
  2. 2005Tata AutoComp GY Batteries Pvt. Ltd. established,
    the first overseas affiliate of GS Yuasa in India (Tata AutoComp GY Batteries Ltd. at present)
  3. 2006GS Yuasa Lithium Power Inc. established, the first overseas Lithium-ion battery affiliate
  4. 2007Lithium Energy Japan Established with Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
  5. 2009Blue Energy Co., Ltd. Established with Honda Motor Co., Ltd. DETROIT classic EV restored
  6. 2013Lithium Energy and Power GmbH & Co. KG(German) established with Robert Bosch GmbH and Mitsubishi Corporation
  7. 2014GS Yuasa Asia Technical Center Ltd. (ThaiLand) established
  8. 2015Inci GS Yuasa Aku Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi established in Turkey jointly with Inci Holding A.S
  9. 2016Completed the transfer of Panasonic Corporation’s lead-acid battery business and was renamed GS Yuasa Energy Co., Ltd.