GS Yuasa

ISSN 1348-5725
Vol. 63, No 1 June 2004

Development of New Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery with Polymer Hydrogel Electrolyte (595KB)
 Technical Reports
Development of Valve-Regulated Type "SER38-12" Lead-Acid Battery for Small Electric Vehicle (486KB)
NiOOHLix(x>0) Synthesized by New Chemical Method with Lithium-Naphthalene Complex Solution for Active Materials of Lithium Secondary Cells (283KB)
Effect of Operation Mode of Li-ion Cell on Growth of Surface Film on Carbon Materials for Negative Electrode (1014KB)
Optimization of Polymer Electrolyte Distribution of Ultra-Low Platinum Loading Electrode for PEFC (236KB)
 Technical Explanations
Development of Remote Monitoring System for Power Supply Systems (817KB)
Aging Performance for Lithium-Aluminum Thermal Batteries (957KB)
 New Products
New Products (799KB)
 Recent Publication
Recent Publication by GS Authors (December 2003-May 2004) (119KB)

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