GS Yuasa

ISSN 1348-5725
Vol. 62, No 2 December 2003

Fabrication of Advanced Materials from Aqueous Solution (1067KB)  
 Technical Reports  
Evaluation of Lead-acid Battery by Idling Stop Simulated Test Patterns (987KB)  
Synthesis of Li-doped SiO Negative Active Material by Chemical Method Using Organic Complex Solution for Lithium-ion Cells ( 299KB)  
Development of New Manufacturing Process of Ultra-Low Pt-Ru Binary Alloy Catalyst Loading Electrode for PEFC (524KB)  
 Technical Explanations  
Development of Large-scale Lithium Ion Batteries "LIM series" for Industrial Applications (489KB)  
Development of UPS with Lithium Ion Battery (1951KB)  
 New Product  
Small-sized Valve-regulated Lead-acid Battery "SER38-12" for Cycle Service (305KB)
 Recent Publication  
Recent Publications by GS Authors (June 2003 - December 2003) (208KB)

Cover (353KB)  
Table of Contents (192KB)