Overview of the Fourth Mid-Term Management Plan Covering April 2016 to March 2019 Basic Management

Mid-Term Management Policies

With the aim of becoming the "new GS Yuasa," an energy device company, we will ensure long-term, sustainable growth.

  • Ensure profit in new business (lithium-ion batteries) and firmly put this business on a stable growth track
  • Further expand the business domain of growth business (overseas operations) and raise its profitability
  • Expand and stabilize the cash flow from existing businesses (automotive batteries business and industrial batteries and power supplies business) and make investments for future growth

Key Mid-Term Strategic Tasks

Stabilize and expand new business by enhancing the management foundation and earnings power of existing and growth businesses and grow it into the second pillar of the corporate foundation following the lead-acid batteries business.

  • Ensure the achievement of the fourth quality improvement plan over the next three years, based on the GS YUASA Basic Quality Policy
  • Reorganize the business structure in response to markets and customers

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