Financial Forecast

Consolidated Earnings Forecast

Although the business environment in the next fiscal year is expected to remain uncertain, especially in the first half of the year, due to continued inflation, we recognize that our business areas will expand in order to achieve carbon neutrality. As the first year of the Sixth Mid-Term Management Plan, we aim to secure earnings by expanding demand for batteries for HEVs, increasing sales volume of lead-acid batteries overseas, and promoting efforts to correct selling prices and reduce costs in response to various cost increases.
Based on the above, we forecast consolidated net sales of 580 billion yen, operating income of 33 billion yen, ordinary income of 27 billion yen, and net income attributable to owners of the parent of 14 billion yen for fiscal year 2023.

(Billion yen)

(May 11, 2023)
Net Sales517.7580.062.3
Operating income31.533.01.5
(Operating income ratio)6.1%5.7%-0.4P
Operating income before amortization of goodwill32.134.01.9
(Operating income ratio before amortization of goodwill)6.2%5.9%-0.3P
Ordinary income24.227.02.8
Profit attributable to owners of parent13.914.00.1
(Net profit ratio)2.7%2.4%-0.3P
Profit attributable to owners of parent before amortization of goodwill14.415.00.6
(Net profit ratio before amortization of goodwill)2.8%2.6%-0.2P

Segment Results Forecast

(Billion yen)

(May 11, 2023)
Net salesOperating incomeNet salesOperating incomeNet salesOperating income
Operating income ratioOperating income ratioOperating income ratio
Automotive Batteries (Japan)87.86.594.05.56.2-1.0
Automotive Batteries (Overseas)247.313.3252.
Industrial Batteries and Power Supplies 99.28.8111.
Automotive Lithiumion Batteries65.42.0103.
Specialized Batteries and Others 18.01.420.00.52.0-0.9

Note: Operating income is operating income before amortization of goodwill and operating income ratio is operating income ratio before amortization of goodwill.