Investor Relation FAQs

Corporate Profile

Q1.When was GS Yuasa established?
A1.GS Yuasa Corporation was established in April 1st, 2004, after GS(Japan Storage Battery) and YUASA (Yuasa Corporation) integrated their managements. Please see "History" for more information.
Q2.What is GS Yuasa's corporate philosophy?
A2.Our philosophy is Innovation and Growth. We are committed to people, society and the global environment through innovation and growth of our employees and business entities.
Q3.What are GS Yuasa's business activities?
A3.GS Yuasa manufactures and sells automotive batteries, industrial batteries, power supply systems, switch gear, lighting equipment, ultraviolet systems and other electrical equipment. Please see "Products" for more details.
Q4.Where are the offices inside Japan?
A4.Please see "Location"
Q5.What are the main group companies or related companies?
A5.Please see "GS Yuasa's Offices & Group Companies"
Q6.What is GS Yuasa's management policy and plan for the future?
A6.We established "Mid-Term Management Plan" in order to engage in strategic corporate activities that lead to sustainable growth in both the lead-acid batteries business and lithium-ion batteries business through the creation of new value based on the concept of "Mono-Koto Zukuri (product and service creation)." Please see "Mid-Term Management Plan" for more details.
Q7.What are GS Yuasa's social contribution activities?
A7.In GS Yuasa Group, all employees understand that CSR activities are business activities, and we encourage everyone to take part based on our CSR Policy and Code of Conduct in order to ensure the sustainable development of society and business. Please see "CSR Activities" for more details.

Business Results and Finances

Q1.When is GS YUASA's fisical year end?
A1.Our fisical year end is March 31.
Q2.I would like to know the schedule about the announcement of financial results or an annual general meeting of shareholders.
A2.We announce the financial results per quarter. An annual general meeting of shareholders is held in June every year. Please see "IR Calendar" for the detailed schedule.
Q3.I would like to know the financial highlights.
A3.Please see "Financial Highlights" ・ "Chart Generator"
Q4.Where can I find information of GS Yuasa's latest financial results?
A4.Please see "Presentation" ・ "Earnings Report"
Q5.Can I watch the earnings presentations on the Internet?
A5.We publish the streaming video of the earnings presentation on this website on November and May every year. You can check other presentation materials including streaming video on "Presentations"
Q6.Where can I find an annual report?
A6.Please see "GS Yuasa Report(Annual Report)"
Q7.I would like to know about accounting standards.
A7.The GS Yuasa Group currently adopts Japanese accounting standards for its financial reporting in view of comparability between fiscal years on financial statements and comparability with other companies. Regarding the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards, the Group will respond appropriately in consideration of circumstances in and outside Japan.

Stock information

Q1.What is the stock code of GS YUASA?
A1.Our stock code is 6674.
Q2.What is the minimum number of stocks allowed per trade?
A2.It is 100 share.
Q3.Where is GS Yuasa traded?
A3.On the Prime Market on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Q4.How many shares has GS Yuasa issued totally?
A4.Please see "Stock Data"
Q5.Do GS Yuasa have special benefit plan for shareholders?
A5.No, we don't but our policy is to return profits through dividends.
Q6. I would like to know about stock procedure.
A6.Please see "Stock Procedure"