Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

Standards of Disclosure

GS Yuasa Corporation conducts disclosure in accordance with the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is GS Yuasa Corporation's policy to disclose information proactively and fairly, including decisions, events and financial information that could affect investment decisions, as well as information that is not related to timely disclosure rules that it deems useful in helping readers to understand GS Yuasa Corporation.

Method of Disclosure

GS Yuasa Corporation discloses information appropriately as required by laws and regulations and the rules established by the stock exchange on which GS Yuasa Corporation is listed. GS Yuasa Corporation also posts this information on its website in a timely manner.

GS Yuasa Corporation discloses information other than that required by laws and regulations via its website and the media, in order to communicate information as fairly as possible.

Quiet Period

GS Yuasa Corporation recognizes a certain period of time during the preparation for earnings announcements as a quiet period in order to prevent information leaks and ensure the fairness of disclosure. During this period, the Company refrains from commenting on or responding to questions regarding its financial results.

Forward-Looking Information

Of the information GS Yuasa Corporation discloses, forward-looking statements related to operating performance forecasts and future projections are based on decisions considered rational at the time of disclosure. Actual results may differ from forecasts.