President's Message

"Into the future, GS Yuasa aims to become an energy device company by developing leading-edge technologies focused on quality, while maintaining an untiring commitment to dependability and safety."

GS Yuasa is able to celebrate the 100th anniversary thanks to all stakeholders, both past and present. On behalf of the Company, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our stakeholders for their enthusiastic support over so many years.

Since beginning as a dedicated manufacturer of industrial-use lead-acid batteries, GS Yuasa helped establish batteries as essential devices as business evolved over 100 years. Formed through the merger of two companies, Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd., and Yuasa Corporation, GS Yuasa has been transforming into an energy device company, expanded business beyond batteries to power supplies and lighting as well as specialty equipment and other electrical equipment.

Amid this transformation, maintaining a commitment to dependability and safety is essential for the GS Yuasa brand. Both of the Company's founders were dedicated to contributing to society by developing high-quality products with an inventor's passion and to pioneering new businesses ahead of their times with the spirit of challenge. These ideals have been passed down to all employees of the GS Yuasa Group─right up to today. I am certain that this corporate culture is vital for delivering the highest quality to customers as their company of choice.

Looking ahead, we will continue exploring ways of using energy effectively while maintaining our commitment to quality, as well as striving to develop the battery businesses as an energy device company that benefits the environment and people around the world. We regard that as our key mission over the next 100 years. At the same time, we will do our upmost to realize the newly established GS Yuasa CSR Policy and Code of Conduct so that we can further contribute to making communities more sustainable through the Group's business activities.

We sincerely appreciate the understanding of all stakeholders and their continuing support.

  • Osamu Murao

    GS Yuasa Corporation