Fundamental Environmental Policy

    Fundamental philosophy

    At the GS Yuasa Group, we set conservation of the global environment as one of our most important tasks, and we contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through the development, manufacture and sale of batteries, which are a form of clean energy, power supply systems, and lighting equipment.

    Code of Conduct

    1. We carefully evaluate the environmental impacts of our business activities, products and services, and we are working to reduce environmental burdens and to prevent pollution. Through energy and resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling, we will continuously improve our results.

    2. We promote the development and design of products that protect the environment throughout product life cycles. We seek to reduce environmental burdens from the product development and design stages to manufacture, use and disposal.

    3. We work to decrease environmental burdens with our business partners throughout our entire supply chain, including materials procurement and physical distribution.

    4. We have created environmental management systems according to ISO 14001 standards and have enacted environmental policies at each of our offices based on these fundamental policies. We also advance our environmental management activities by setting related objectives and targets.

    5. We abide by all laws, ordinances, agreements and regulations related to the environment, as well as other requirements agreed on by the Group. We also make voluntary management standards according to these as necessary to promote environmental conservation.

    6. We steadily execute revisions based on environmental audits and management reviews to maintain and improve our environmental management systems continuously.

    7. Through education, training and other environmental awareness efforts, we promote the environmental awareness of all group employees, and we contribute to society through our environmental preservation activities.

    8. We seek to achieve good communications with our stakeholders and with society as a whole by providing information related to the environment, including our fundamental environmental policies.

    Date : June 26, 2015
    GS Yuasa Corporation
    President Osamu Murao